Discovering your hidden habits & Attitudes about money

Why use Money Habitudes™?
Why is commonsense not so common when it comes to managing your money? Why do so many otherwise smart people make foolish money mistakes? Why are there so many well-known personalities and celebrities who made millions of dollars in their careers and yet ended up in debt and bankrupt? More and more, the new science of behavioral finance and economics is telling us that it’s not about the money – it’s the money habitudes – habits and attitudes relating to money that will provide the keys to your financial success and breakthrough.
What is Money Habitudes™?
Money Habitudes is a simple yet effective game-like tool that helps people make that self-discovery about their money habitudes and talk about the difficult topic of money—and do it in a fun, non-judgmental and constructive way. Using the cards builds trust and rapport and shows people how their habits and attitudes—habitudes—related to money affect how, why and when they spend, save, give, invest and go into debt. In addition, the cards help people better achieve their goals, interact with others and enable better communications and relationships between couples, parents and children and business partners.

Who is using Money Habitudes™?
A versatile financial, relationship and career resource, the Money Habitudes card game is used by wealth managers, financial plannersfinancial educators and counselors;  life & business coachesmarriage and premarital educators and teachers and youth leaders. It’s easy and effective enough for individuals, couples and parents to use.